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My own attempt at rendering Tolkien’s rings verse in Latin.

Tres anuli pro regibus nymphorum sub caelo (facti sunt)

Septem (anuli) pro dominis nanorum in regia lapidea eorum (facti sunt)

Novem (anuli) pro mortalibus viris cuius fata est mori (facti sunt)

Unus (anulus) pro malo domino qui in malo solio sedet (factus est)

In terra umbrosi mordoris

Unus anulus quis omnibus illis imperet (factus est)

Unus anulus quis illos inveniat (factus est)

Unus anulus quis omnes illos collocet et in tenebris illos nectat (factus est)

In terra umbrosi mordoris

I’ve made no attempt to fit this to a meter.

The words in parentheses are not explicit in the English version. I’m unsure about whether they need to be explicit in the Latin.

I created a masculine form of nympha to use for elf.

Note that the subjunctive following a relative pronoun creates a relative clause of purpose, which seemed more idiomatic to me than a simple purpose clause in ut.

There’s an argument to be made for “sub divo” instead of “sub caelo”.