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Gygax oD&D 2005

In 2005, Gary ran an oD&D campaign for his group. This is a compilation of notes about the rules for that campaign. The info was gleaned from Q&As in Gary’s Q&A threads on ENWorld & DF as well as some tales of the campaign posted by Deogolf.

The DF thread this is taken from.

Posted by EGG on ENWorld September 2006:

I run three-booklet OD&D now and again myself, adding some house rules to make 1st level PCs a bit more viable and allowing Clerics a spell at 1st level if their Wis is 15 or higher.

Further clarified by a ENWorld post in July 2007: Gary gives MUs with a 15 or better Int or Clerics with a 15 or better Wis a bonus 1st level spell slot. Thus, a Cleric can have one 1st level spell at 1st level.

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Just a quick note to say I still DM some using the three booklets sans any of the additional supplements :wink: It is very much an exercise in free-wheeling game-mastering and roleplay, that.

I do allow elven PCs to operate in both classes, F/MU, but Clerics don't get any spells at 1st level, just as the bok says.

As for skills, I just ask for a reasonable background for the character, then decide if the capacity is logical for that. then I use the closest stat likely for the skill, have the check made against that with 3d6. Old fashioned, yes, but it fits.