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Gnomes (for D&D B/X)

(Based on the AD&D conversion notes in the RC. Basically halflings with a couple of dwarf special abilities swaped for halfling abilities.)

Level Title Exp. Points Hit Dice Spells
1 Gnome Veteran 0 1d6 none
2 Gnome Warrior 2,000 2d6 none
3 Gnome Swordsmaster 4,000 3d6 none
4 Gnome Hero 8,000 4d6 none
5 Gnome Swashbuckler 16,000 5d6 none
6 Gnome Myrmidon 32,000 6d6 none
7 Gnome Champion 64,000 7d6 none
8 Gnome Lord 120,000 8d6 none

Gnomes are a human-like race related to dwarves. They are smaller than dwarves, and have long noses and full beards. They usually live in burrows in the lowlands. Gnomes are excellent metalsmiths and miners. They love gold and gems and have been known to make bad decisions just to obtain them. They love machinery of all kinds and like to use crossbows as missile weapons and war hammers in hand-to-hand combat. Gnomes like most dwarves, but war with goblins and kobolds who steal their precious gold. They will usually attack kobolds on sight.

The prime requisites for a gnome are Strength and Dexterity. A gnome character whose Strength or Dexterity score is 13 or greater will receive a 5% bonus to earned experience. Gnomes whose Strength and Dexterity scores are 13 or greater will receive a bonus of 10% to earned experience.

RESTRICTIONS: Gnomes use six-sided dice (d6) to determine their hit points. They may advance to a maximum of 8th level of experience. Gnomes can use any type of weapon and armor which has been "cut down" to their size. Thus, they cannot use a two-handed sword or a long bow, but may use a sword or short bow. Gnomes must have a minimum score of 9 in both Dexterity and Constitution.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Gnomes have better saving throws than most other character classes. They are very accurate with all missile weapons and gain a bonus of +1, in addition to Dexterity adjustments, on their "to hit' rolls when using them (see COMBAT). Due to their small size and skills at dodging, Gnomes have a bonus of -2 on their Armor Class when being attacked by creatures larger than man-sized. When rolling for individual initiative (an Optional rule) gnomes add +1, in addition to any Dexterity adjustments.

Gnomes often live underground, and have infravision (heat-sensing sight) which allows them to see 60 feet in the dark. They are expert miners and are able to find slanting passages, traps, shifting walls, and new construction one-third of the time (a roll of 1 or 2 on 1d6) when looking for them.

Gnomes speak gnome, dwarf, goblin, and kobold.

Gnomes will only advance up to 8th level. As with the other demihumans, this is balanced by their special abilities, especially their better saving throws and combat bonuses. Any time a gnome has enough money, he or she may build a stronghold (p. X52), which may attract a whole community of gnomes.

ATTACKS & SAVING THROWS: Gnomes use the same to hit numbers as Fighters, Dwarves, Elves, and Halflings. They use the same saving throw table as Dwarves and Halflings.