Name Jack Rupert Player Robert
Codename Walkabout Age ?
Fighting Remarkable Body Type Humanoid Race
Agility Incredible Reason Good
Strength Incredible Intuition Good
Endurance Remarkable Psyche Good
Health (FASE) ? Karma (RIP) 620
Powers Teleport Self: Monstrous
Body Resistance: Good
Regeneration: Amazing
Talents Journalism, Psychiatry, Heir to a Fortune, Blunt Weapons (+1CS)
Limitation Energy Depletion - Incapacitation - Sushi

Dorothy Freeman's public identity was one of Austrailia's star track & field athletes and wife of media mogul Doc Rupert.

She had a secret identity as well. She was not human, but her people had lived among the aborigines since time immemorial. She was one of a handful of Austrailian superheroes.

Dorothy's son Jack knew of his exceptional powers from an early age. Jack, however, always wanted to just be normal, despite the encouragement of his parents to follow in his mother's footsteps.

Jack choose to study psychiatry at Floridian university in the States. Jack had never been very good at school, however, and eventually dropped out.

He took a job with a local newspaper his father owned. There, he finally decided that his parents were right. His powers were a gift, and he should use them to serve society. He left the newspaper to take a job with Star Labs, an institution his parents had invested in where he could develop his powers.

Some time later, he (and one or two others from Star Labs) joined the Florida branch of Aegis.