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I have had to switch web hosting services. I am taking this opportunity to update both the content and how I manage it. Stay tuned, and the content will reappear in time.

The D&D ID page is back up.

The archive of my first blog is up.

RLF1, my T1 illustrations, and the RC gnomes have been added to the D&D section.

Three pages from the infogami archive have been added: “I used to think...”, “On thief skills”, and “On unified mechanics”. I’ve also set it up so that links to their old place in the archive should redirect to their new homes.

Viewport meta tags have been added to most pages, which should make them look better on iPhones, iPads, and other such devices.

The faith section is up. The Traveller pages and Marvel Super Heroes characters have been added to the RPG section. A bunch of D&D pages have been brought in from the infogami archive.

I’m not sure Avenir is a good body font, so I’m trying out Iowan Old Style instead. Avenir still gets use in some places. And there are pages (like the Traveller section) which use different fonts.

Added Skylands campaign reports from G+. Also revived and updated a page about mulitple attacks in D&D from the infogami archive.

Migrated and updated a page about non-role-playing games from the infogami archive. Migrated a page about how Gygax played oD&D in 2005 from the infogami archive. Combined and updated pages on HTML/CSS style from both the old site and the infogami archive into one page.

Migrated two-weapon fighting page from the infogami archive.

Added d20 section. Migrated classic D&D trivia from infogami archive.

Restored the anemic homebrew RPG section. Added a page about historical armor in classic D&D.