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Traveller self-improvement

Summarized from Book 2, pp. 42-43.

A character may undertake the following methods of self-improvement:

A single character could--at most--undertake simultaneously improvement of one blade skill, one gun skill, two non-weapon skills, physical fitness, & education.

Skill improvement

(Book 2 does not allow improvement by this method of non-weapon skills at level zero.)

Physical fitness


Edu can be improved through correspondence courses or tutoring.


Acquire a new skill by attending a college, techincal school, or something equivalent.


This is just a place for me to jot some notes.

Some people just roll on the character's prior service career table every 4 years.

Physical fitness increases should be permanent since they'll likely be followed by saving throws?

Non-weapon skill level zero should be able to be increased just like weapon skill level zero.

Multiple sabbaticals per lifetime should be allowed.

Any way, other than sabbaticals, to gain skill level zero in a new skill?

8 years for a permanent increase may be a bit too much. Maybe make it permanent at the end of the first 4 years? Or reduce the program times to 2 years? On the other hand, skill level 1 is "journeyman"; 2, "master"; & 3, "expert". 8 years may not be too much.

Maybe skill level should be a negative DM to the determination roll. The higher you go, the harder it should get.

In general, I'd prefer points to rolls.

There's always the MT system.

Physical fitness maybe follows the skill model. Two successive 4-year programs gives permanent benefit.

Need to add Instruction skill.

A failed determination throw means (according to the Traveller Book) a new program cannot be attempted for at least one year.

One interpretation is that only one of: weapon skills, non-weapon skills, physical fitness, or education; can be attempted at once.

There may be alternatives. These are just common method with well-defined rules.

Thanks to Aramis, Ewan Quibell, & RainOfSteel.

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