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Robert’s Traveller Stuff

& when I say “Traveller”, I generally mean “classic Traveller”. Sometimes abbreviated “cT”.

The cover of FFE001: Books 0-8, The Classic Books

Campaign Log

Top 10 things to know about classic Traveller when I’m ref

Some questions & answers

Aptitudes: What characteristic scores give DMs for each career?

A task system

A summary of CT self-improvement

The Imperial Calendar


Far Future: Marc W. Miller’s company. (MWM is the creator of Traveller.) Sells Traveller5, the latest edition, and cT reprints as well as reprints of other GDW products.

The GDW page at RPGNow

BeRKA has a map of the Spinward Marches as well as individual subsector maps & world data on his Zhodani Base site.

Citizens of the Imperium forums: Forums for discussing Traveller in all its incarnations. Hosted by QLI/RPGRealms.

GURPS Traveller: Steve Jackson Games publishes a GURPS version of Traveller. (Sometimes abbreviated “GT”.) Some of the supplements can be used with CT.

Mongoose Traveller: Abbreviated “MgT”. (“MT” is Megatraveller)

The Traveller game in all forms is owned by Far Future Enterprises. Copyright 1977-2004 Far Future Enterprises.